How to Get Your Child Back on Track After a Failed Exam

When your child comes to you with a failed exam grade, you'll likely be hit with a multitude of negative emotions: disappointment, worry and frustration. But as demoralising as a bad grade can be, there's always a chance to get your child back on track for success. Here are three things you can do to help after your child fails a test.

Support, Don't Shame

A failed exam grade can be just as disappointing for you as a parent as It is for your child. However, it's important to remember to support your child during this time rather than shaming them. Chances are your child is already beating themselves up inside over the bad grade; the last thing they need is a parent adding extra guilt on top of that. After all, that negativity is likely to come back to mind in the future, causing stress that makes studying difficult. Approaching them with a more positive mindset for the future is the best way to get their mind back on track for the next exam. So, while it's important to make sure your child knows exam failures can't just be swept away and ignored, it's also important to communicate with compassion. 

Ask the Teacher For a Retake

There are many reasons why children fail exams. If your child thinks they failed because of stress, sickness and an overloaded schedule or for some reason unrelated to their understanding of the course, it could be a good idea to approach their teacher and ask if they can retake the test. When you meet with the teacher, it's best for your child to lead the conversation. This way, the teacher can see that they're committed to their education, increasing the chances that they'll permit a retake. If your child isn't sure what to say, advise them to own up to their bad grade, explain the reason for it and tell the teacher what they'll do to improve their grade on the make-up test. If there's no possibility for a retake, the teacher might also offer your child an additional way to earn points in the class, such as completing an extra-credit project.

Get a Tutor

Typical school classes pair one teacher with dozens of students at a time, and each one of those students has a different learning style, different goals and different abilities. As such, it comes as no surprise that many children struggle to learn adequately in school. That's why getting your child a tutor is a great next step after an exam failure. Tutors work one-on-one with your child in whatever way works best for them. They can explain all the concepts your child is struggling with, and they won't move on until every topic is clearly understood. This tailored approach to learning works wonders for children who are struggling to keep up in their usual classes, ensuring they're well prepared for all future exams.

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