Two Tips to Remember When Seeking Corporate Donation Opportunities for an Education Charity

If you have been tasked with seeking out corporate donation opportunities for an education charity that you are involved with, the advice outlined here could prove useful.

Check that the corporations you are planning to seek donations from share the charity's ethos

It is very important to do plenty of preliminary background research on any corporations that you believe might be willing to donate funds to your chosen charity. Specifically, you should check their social media platforms, their website and their past sponsorship partners to ensure that their ethos is similar to that of the charity you're involved with. For example, if the charity you're working with places a strong emphasis on the importance of providing educational resources to people from low-income backgrounds, then it would be sensible to look for corporations that have publically demonstrated concern for and interest in helping impoverished communities, or ones which have donated to fundraisers for schools in low-income neighbourhoods.

If you don't do this research, you could end up getting a donation from a corporation that you later discover has an ethos which clashes with the charity's; this could affect that charity's public reputation and actually result in a reduction in the amount of support it receives from members of the public in the future.

Find ways to enable the corporations to make donations in a way that directly benefits the charity's service users

Rather than reaching out to corporations and just asking them to donate a lump sum or a monthly amount to the charity, it might be a good idea to come up with creative ways for these enterprises to help the people who use the charity's services in a more direct manner. If, for instance, you're involved with a literacy charity, you could organise a large scavenger hunt for the charity's service users and ask a particular corporation who wants to support the charity to pay for the event and donate the prizes.

This is a win-win situation that will benefit everyone who is involved in it; solving the clues or riddles given during the hunt could serve as an educational activity that could help the participants to improve their reading and comprehension skills. Furthermore, the corporate sponsor could discuss their support of this event on social media as a way of giving their own reputation a boost and bolstering support for the charity.

Consider the tips listed here to be successful.