Six Steps to Take When Applying for Your Forklift Operator’s Certification

Forklifts are essential machines that help in crucial lifting operations in various industries. To successfully operate this equipment, you are generally required to take a forklift training course from an authorised provider. If you are wondering how to begin the certification process, here are six steps you need to follow:

Determine the Forklift You Need to Work With

As a beginner, you may wonder why self-assessment is essential. During this stage, ensure you know the exact forklift truck you want to work with. There are various standards set by OSHA that match the truck type to the training course.

After this self-assessment, prepare what you require and find a training centre to take your course. There are various training schools you can find across Australia as well as online. If you are a staff member in your company, ask whether your employer offers forklift training for employees.  

Enrol in a Forklift Training Course

The essence of enrolling in a forklift training program is to acquire knowledge as per the OSHA standards. As earlier mentioned, you can choose to take your course in-person or online. For online training, you need to research reputable private institutions to get your training course. 

However, it's recommended to avoid this method since it doesn't comply with OSHA regulations, and you can't be sure whether you'll be forklift certified. The best way, however, is choosing in-person training. Through this option, you only take a day or two to complete your forklift training course. 

Ensure You Take Classroom Lectures

You will be required to attend classroom lectures that take up to six hours. They focus on topics related to OSHA regulations, safety while driving the forklift and general health among, other specialised subjects. You will learn essential techniques to alleviate workplace accidents that can cause property damage and injuries.

Pass Your Written Forklift Exam

After completing your classroom lecture, trainers offer a written questionnaire to answer. Most institutions set their pass marks to 75 percent, but this may differ as per the institution's training standards. This written exam ensures you received adequate knowledge from your classroom lectures.

Acquire Hands-On Forklift Operation Experience

After passing your classroom written exam, you must undertake hands-on forklift training. In this practical course, your trainer demonstrates to you how to operate the forklift and has you use it yourself. This way, you will learn how to perform different forklift operations efficiently and safely. Training may involve pre-operational inspections, lifting and loading, manoeuvring in tight places, incline driving and much more.  


The final step is an evaluation where your trainer assesses your performance and skills. After completing your lectures, passing your written exam and receiving a good rating after the practical training, your trainer certifies you. After that, you'll require refresher courses every three years to renew your certification.

To learn more about forklift training courses, consult a resource in your area.